Mary Bacon

Artist Statement

Japanese Garden 30 x 24         


Study in Rose Colors, 30 x 48, may be hung horizontally or vertically

Metamorphosis, 40 x 30

Paintings are all done in oil on canvas. 

Some pieces include a frame - please inquire.

Please contact Mary to purchase: 612-210-1599

Rustling Oak Leaves, 24 x 30

Parrot Tulips, 30 x 30

A New Heaven (for Eckhart Tolle) 30 x 30                                                                                                                 Flower Girl 30 x 40
6 x 6 mini-paintings, sold individually or in modular sets

Peony Mandala  36 x 36

Study in Oranges I & II, each size 36 x 24


Above: The Search I & II, 30 x 30 each                                   

Left: Leni's Dream 40 x 30

Storm's Expression, 30 x 30

Study in Plums, Sphinx Moth, 18 x 36

The lines within these paintings are like the lines of a musical composition, or lines of poetry. I am telling my story line by line,

a story of the beauty I saw in a particular place and time. The story can be read left to right, top to bottom; or seen as a whole.

There is a regular rhythm and repetition in the lines of a musical

composition and in classical poetry, and the even lines and the matching size of the sections in my paintings feel just right to me

for telling my story in both a modern and formalized kind of way.

I also enjoy exploring the close relationship between different plants, and sometimes the insects and birds that inhabit them. The new compositions that result are fascinating and compelling to me.

Contact Mary at

m. bacon

Mary Bacon is also a professional interior designer. To see her design work please visit 

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Hawaii, Portrait in Leaves 24 x 24

My Heart Grows Back 20 x 20

Woods Walk Series III - VI, each size 36 x 18 

Ho'oponopono  30 x 30     (I love you, I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you) 

Woods Walk III - VI  36 x 18 size each

Kaneohe Bay 24 x 24

Poppy on Gray 30 x 30

Growing in Waves III 24 x 36